Easily Deploy & Run Your
Recovery Site in the Cloud

Eliminate Complexity - Maintain Uptime - Protect Your Progress

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Are You Always Anxious About
Network & Data Availability?

Do you wonder if you can count on your DR solution?
Would you rather forget the last time you had downtime?
Is it time to take a fresh look at your DR infrastructure?
Are you confident anyone on your staff can get your network running again quickly?
Are you struggling to manage multiple sites and vendors?
Do too many steps in your runbook frustrate you?

When simplicity is the key to any successful business continuity strategy. Other data availability and disaster recovery solutions just don't cut it anymore. They’re like labyrinths that rob you and your company of energy, time and money while frustrating your IT Team, Co-workers, and Customers.
(Not to mention your boss!)

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Business Continuity in the Cloud™
For Small and Medium Size Businesses

When it comes to protecting their businesses from unplanned and planned disruptions, many IT Pros have to make unfortunate compromises. The Virtiant Business Continuity in the Cloud™ helps companies easily create a mirror of their entire network, data and applications in a fully managed secure production-like environment that replaces the need for an actual physical recovery site.



For the first time ever, IT Pros at SMBs can now benefit from the same levels of data protection and availability as much larger enterprises without the complexity and costs of sub-optimal on-premises solutions, settling for constrained DRaaS, or the hassle of maintaining an expensive secondary physical site.







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“I was attracted to how easy Virtiant was to set up, the restores are very quick and everything is push button. It delivers peace of mind at an economic price with enterprise features.”

IT Director – Telestream

Remain Resilient

Create a recovery site in the cloud that protects your business-critical workloads.

Defeat Disruption

You don’t have to deal with undesirable complexity and costs that deplete your resources.

Save The Day

You’ll have a ready to run plan to deal with unplanned & planned disruptions.

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Customer Spotlight

“We like how you can start and run VMs without regular network capabilities and then transfer them back into production live...restores and rebuilds that required two days of downtime no longer affect our operations.”

Michael JanesDirector Of Information Technology - Addison Automatics Inc.

Say Hello to Simplicity

Learn how you could make the switch to ridiculously easy data availability and disaster recovery for your business in less than 30 minutes.