Ridiculously easy Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery for SMB IT Pros.


Ridiculously easy Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery for SMB IT Pros.

Imagine a world in which most IT Pros can wake up confidently knowing they can return home with zen-like of peace of mind at the end of each day.

Do you wonder if you can count on your DR solution?
Would you rather forget the last time you had downtime?
Is it time to take a fresh look at your DR infrastructure?
Are you confident anyone on your staff can get your network running again quickly?
Are you struggling to manage multiple sites and vendors?
Do too many steps in your runbook frustrate you?

We at Virtiant have a passion for bringing the infrastructural resilience that large corporations have to small and midsized businesses. Without compromise.



Cloud Native

I was attracted to how easy Virtiant was to set up, the restores are very quick and everything is push button. It delivers peace of mind at an economic price with enterprise features


Now is the right time for that ideal DR/BC solution to make life easier? And well, calmer… Like um, way calmer.

Next Generation DRaaS.

Learn how you could make the switch to ridiculously easy data availability and disaster recovery for your business in less than 30 minutes.
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A huge part of our mission is to help support the communities our customers' and partners' are a part of with assistance when natural disasters strike.

We provide free DRaaS services to eligible disaster relief organizations. Contact us for further information.

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