Virtiant Perpetual Cloud

High Availability & Disaster Recovery for virtual machines

All you need in one powerful solution

Combine Data Protection, High-Availability, and Disaster Recovery into a single technology stack to withstand any disruption and move forward with peace of mind.

Near Instantaneous RPTO
Continuously replicates your virtual machines
Keep your current backup infrastructure intact
Scalable infrastructure that runs on commodity hardware
Cost effective All-In-One solution
Mirrors your production environment
Protect Business
Critical Applications

Continuously protect your virtual machines between local, remote and cloud sites in the background without third-party tools, while you take care of your day-to-day.

Data Efficiency

Improve virtual workload performance with baked-in data efficiencies that releases storage capacity to accelerate backup, failover, run and restore functions.


Uninterrupted, seamless virtual machine mobility that delivers the strong resilience, integrity, and availability to keep development teams and end-users productive.

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Be Prepared. In Any Event

Achieve IT resilience throughout unplanned disruptions and manage digital transformation & innovation during planned downtime with greater confidence.






& Upgrades

Security &

Ransomeware Attacks


& Migrations


& DevOps




& Acquisitions



Benefits Delivered

Easy setup, configuration
& deployment

Failover and run your virtual machines at any time

Hot Failback during
migration and recovery

Flexible. Choose Your Mode

Business continuity rearchitected as a single software-defined platform to help IT teams protect virtual machines, data, and productivity locally on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid combination of both. Deployment options include:

Option One


Option Two


Option Three


Core Components

A comprehensive suite of data availability technologies including Scheduling, Backup and Replication, Failover, Hot Failback, Recovery, and DR testing to ensure your data is always protected and available.


No third party licenses, solutions or primary site resources (vCentre/SAN) are required to be available during failover and run.

Hypervisor-Based Replication

Block-based VM Aware replication at the hypervisor level minimizes storage requirements and associated costs.

Automated DR Testing

Automated tests eliminate time-consuming manual processes, providing periodic reporting of status and availability of VMs.


Fully isolated sandbox environment allows for pre-production, patch testing, upgrades and configuration changes

Single Pane of Glass

Unified management of Virtiant and VMware vCenter Servers and VM clusters within one single easy to use solution.

Perpetual Data Protection

Schedule the backup and replication of full and incremental VM snapshots of pre-selected VMs and VM clusters per policy.

High Availability

Failover and run VM clones locally, offsite or in the Virtiant Cloud within minutes for incredibly faster RTO.

Hot Failback & Recovery

Migrate running VMs and any incremental data changes back to the primary environment for efficient recovery.

Load Balancing

Load balance virtual workloads during surges in IO requests on VMs in your primary infrastructure to avoid under capacity.

Scalable Infrastructure

Protect business critical VMs with scale-out architecture, reduce storage costs, add nodes & improve IO performance.

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